The importance of knowing english

In a world that becames smaller almost in a daily basis, the ability to comunicate in another language is a must-have tool for journalists, politicians and any person interested in expanding their professional limits. And among all the languages of the planet, english has become the lingua franca of business, communication and technology. So, not only for the advantages it gives in your day-by-day work, but also because it opens the world for you, knowing english es essential.

And that’s why, from time to time, I’ll write my posts in english. It will be a way to get visits from english-speakers, to make myself known among foreign readers and also a way to strech my language-muscles and force me to write, think and express in a foreign language. Since there are a lot of english words concerning communication already implemented in the spanish language, it won’t be difficult to stick to the matter of the blog.

So beware! I’m threatening you with more posts in english, run for your lives! (Just joking, you don’t have to run, I know where you live, so there’s no need).