Building an online identity

For companies and individuals alike, the establishment of an online identity is nowadays a necessity. In the case of indivuals, it may be delayed or even completely avoided, but as the information society develops, people who choose to live outside the net will be second-class citizens, unable to socialize properly and perform the common, easy tasks of the future society. Some will think I’m exaggerating, but I’m deeply convincend that the social media and, even more important, the mobile internet will prove true my statament, even sooner than most people think.

As for companies, it will be a challenge, because the ones that can’t adapt and implement their online identity will be, if not doomed to disappear, seriously handicapped to grow and prosper in an online world. Just think about the fact that by 2015 1.600 millions of people worldwide will use internet on their desktops, and nearly 2.000 millions will acces internet via mobile devices. It’s simply too many costumers and consumers to ignore.

So how can we begin to create our online identity?. In the first place, think thoroughly about what you want and what can you achieve in the short and long term. It’s useless to dive deeply in the social media and the web if you can’t make it good or use your investment to get a measurable return. Act too fast, and you’ll have to act twice. Secondly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, you will certainly make mistakes, as we are talking about something you have never done before, so don’t hesitate to look at other companies and learn from their mistakes and sucesses.

And finally, go one step at a time. If you create a blog for your company, don’t hurry up to enter into the diverse social networks at the same time. Establish your blog, make it a source of all things concerning your business and study the feedback you receive. Do your costumers claim for quick response? Go on, and expand to Twitter. Are your readers other companies that you can make deals with? Linkedin can be a good place to make a more business-friendly approach. Or maybe you want to be present first in Facebook, as it’s the greatest social network today. Then build your Facebook page and follow the same steps. Any of this approaches can make a difference for your business in the short term, and it will certainly make it in the long term.

In the end, there will be companies and people with a more or less solid online identity, that can live and grow in an online world, and there will be others who doesn’t, the new dinosaurs. And we all know what happened to dinosaurs…

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