New jobs of the social media era

The rise of Internet and the social media has created a lot of new needs for companies and a whole new set of professions that didn’t exist only a few years ago. Then, hiring a webmaster was as far as many firms went in terms of adapting to new technologies, but the new, social media-conected, information society needs new professionals for new challenges.

Of that new jobs, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Especialist is one of the most relevant for any firm with a web page, dedicating his time to improve its ranking on the most popular web searchers, which can mean the difference between a sucessful company or a struggling one. There is also the Comunity Manager, who is responsible of managing the presence and brand of the company in the social media. Also, he deals with the online comunities and forums, moderating debates and providing answers to the users.

These are the two most relevant of the new professions born with the internet boom, but there are many more. From the SEM (or Search Engine Marketing) Especialist, who deals with commercial ways to improve the position of a web, to the Chief Blogger Officer, the person in charge of updating and maintaining the blog of the company and/or its Twitter account, or the Buzz Marketing Expert, selling the virtues of the product or company trough chat and forums. A new breed of professionals has born to fill a void that nobody predicted.

Indeed, it’s a time of opportunities, as the global economic crisis has merged with the rise of social media and mobile internet, creating a new frontier for entrepeneurs all over the world. Maybe the next new profession will be created by you.

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