The social media revolution

The development of the social media networks in the last few years has made a huge, not yet measured impact in Internet and how we use it. So huge, it can be even compared to the Industrial Revolution, which totally changed the way people lived and worked. There are even names for that revolution; Erik Qualman has coined the term Socialnomics and it’s a good approach, as long as you focus on how businesses market products and how consumers and businesses interact with each other. 

But it’s not only a business thing. Think about how the car changed the way we lived, travelled and worked. In one hand, the automobile industry and all the industries that depends on it became one of the main pillars of any country’s economical power. On the other hand, the freedom of movement allowed people to relocate and travel in a way his parents and grandparents couldn’t. We are in the edge of a phenomenon like that, with internet and social media companies becoming a major economic power (Some of them already are) and users gaining a freedom to comunicate and interact as no prior generation could.

In fact, the social media revolution it’s exactly that and it’s also much more that no one of us can predict. As the generation born in the late 90s and first years of the new century grows, we will see ideas, new uses and businesses concepts that we can’t imagine. It will be them, the first generation that has been connected almost from birth, the ones who will create and make permanent the social media revolution.